2021-22 West High Entertainment Unit Fall Registration

Student Information

Select the ensemble(s) your student will participate in:

Parent/Guardian Information

We could really use your help with volunteering. Can we count on you?

We could really use your help with volunteering. Can we count on you?

Emergency Contact and Medical Information

If parent(s) or legal guardian(s) cannot be reached, please contact:

In case of accident, I (parent or legal guardian) give permission to take my child (named above) to a physician. I also hereby authorize the physician to take necessary care of my child and I agree to assume responsibility for all medical costs and services.

Do you agree to this statement?

Mandatory Athletic Clearance and Physical Forms

Registration for the Athletic Clearance is now available. Follow the instructions below to clear your student to participate in the West High Entertainment Unit.

  1. Student must have a current physical. The school physical examination form can be downloaded here. 

  2. If you don’t have a current physical and can’t get one from your physician before the start of the athletic season, you can go to Ocean Medical at 1106 S. Pacific Coast Hwy, (310) 316-1661. Please be sure to take the Physical Examination Form with you.

  3. Go to www.athleticclearance.com
    - Select CA
    - Select Register if you do not have an account. If you have an account select Login.
    - Select the current school year (21-22)
    - Select school: West Torrance
    - Please remember to select the sports you will be participating in.

  4. Fill in all the information from each section. 

  5. Once you have completed each section (especially the Parent/Guardian info and the Signature sections) you will be able to print out a clearance letter that you and your student need to sign. You will need a confirmation letter for each sport that your student participates in.

  6. Return both the physical and confirmation letter to the West High Business Office

Volunteer Services Application and TB Risk Assessment Forms

If you signed up to volunteer and haven't downloaded the forms yet, click here to download the single file that includes both forms below.

  • TUSD Application/Agreement for Volunteer Services

  • Adult Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Please note that the Adult Tuberculosis (TB) Risk Assessment Questionnaire requires a physician's evaluation and signature. We will need the questionnaire, application/agreement and a photocopy of your photo ID returned to us before you can begin to volunteer. We will send out information on when and how upload your forms via the website in the coming weeks.

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