Welcome to the 2021 West High Entertainment Unit (WHEU) Fall marching season. We are excited to announce our selection of Reflection as our 2021 Fall Field Show theme. This show will be performed by the marching band, percussion and color guard students at West High School home football games and at multiple competitive events during the fall season.




To participate in the WHEU fall/winter seasons, students must:

  1. be enrolled in a related class: Band A/B (tall flags), Advanced Band, Wind Ensemble, or Percussion Ensemble; AND must also be enrolled in PE Band, a one semester (fall) class that meets zero period

  2. attend Summer Enrichment Entertainment Unit Camp

  3. attend all rehearsals and performances

  4. complete all required registration forms by the specified dates

  5. volunteer to work at every WHEUPA fundraiser



The Entertainment Unit program is supported entirely from family contributions and fundraisers. The annual membership contributions requested from each student (band and color guard), are critical to fund the fall and winter seasons and offset the costs associated with coaches, instructors, large instruments, instrument repairs, props, truck rental, competition fees and the many other costs which must be mitigated each and every year.

Unfortunately, NO TUSD funds are available for these expenses; however, WHEUPA hosts several fundraising events to close the gap between family contributions and total annual expense. We ask that EVERY FAMILY support these fundraisers. Without adequate volunteers these fundraisers cannot occur and the contribution per student would increase substantially.


Membership Contribution Breakdown

Member Contributions
Applies to
School Bus Transportation
All EU Members
Not applicable at this time.
Summer Enrichment EU Camp*
All EU Members
Not applicable at this time.

*This contribution helps pay for:

  • large instrument purchase and repair

  • coaches and instructors

  • uniform repair, refurbishment, or replacement

  • competition related expenses, such as: tournament fees, transportation of equipment, and props


**The Summer Enrichment EU Camp fee is $100 per student. If a student is already enrolled in another summer program (e.g. Cross Country, Academic Decathlon, etc.), then the fee is $90.

Additional Contributions

First year purchase (or replacement, if needed) of uniforms and costumes may include:

Member Contributions
Applies to
Due by
Marching Shoes
Band Members
Not applicable at this time.
Stadium Jacket
Band Members
Parade Costume
Color Guard Members
Not applicable at this time.
Gear Bag and Warm-ups
Color Guard Members
Not applicable at this time.
Shoes (Black and Tan)
Color Guard Members
Not applicable at this time.

Winter Season Membership

WHEU Winter Season Membership
Color Guard & Drumline Members
January 2021

There is a separate winter contribution for students participating in winter season color guard, and drumline due in January 2022. Additional transportation contribution may also be required. This covers the cost of coaches and competition related items as NO TUSD funds are available for these expenses.

If you would like more information regarding Color Guard and Drum line please contact: percussion@wheupa.org or vpcolorguard@wheupa.org.



Fall registration must be completed online by July 17, 2020 to confirm student participation in the program and to ensure approval to participate in WHEU camp and performance events. Design of the fall show will be based on the student registrations received with their contribution.

The following forms should be downloaded for appropriate signatures. You will have the option to upload signed documents during the registration process. Please download these forms now.

Athletic Clearance Registration

Student Physical Examination Form


Volunteer Agreement and Adult Tuberculosis (TB) Risk Assessment Questionnaire

If you have more than one student in the program and the full contribution in July is cost prohibitive, please email Mary Scharpf at treasurer@wheupa.org to discuss an alternate schedule.


You will have the option to pay your contributions online; however, checks will still be accepted. If you are paying partial contribution out of your SCRIP account,  please email Juanita Perea at webmaster@wheupa.org indicating the amount to be paid by SCRIP and you will be issued a coupon code to use toward your contribution payment during checkout.

Click on the link below when you are ready to begin the registration process, or click on the link below.



Summer Enrichment Entertainment Unit Camp

Summer Enrichment Entertainment Unit (Band Camp) is where students learn the ENTIRE Fall field show – music and field formations. It is also a great time to get to know and bond with other EU members.

When in session, attendance for the Summer Enrichment Camp is MANDATORY unless prior arrangements are made with Mr. Banim. Camp practices are usually held from 8:00am - 3:00pm.

Students should bring the following to camp:

  • All members: Refillable water bottle, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses (optional), light jacket for evening, lunch and dinner or make arrangements to go out or go home

  • Band members: Instrument, flip folder, and lyre

  • Color Guard members: Water, tennis shoes, jazz shoes for indoors, towel to stretch on grass, rifle gloves, appropriate clothes for stretching


Fall Semester

Zero Period: Band, Color Guard, and Percussion students are enrolled in Zero Period PE Semester 1. Once school starts Zero period continues through November. This is a scheduled class that starts at 7am every day except Tuesdays unless otherwise announced. Students are expected to be on the field, with instruments/equipment, by 7 am. Zero Period may be cancelled in the event of rain; notice will be provided the morning of practice via email and the Remind app.

Monday Night Practices: Band, Color Guard and Percussion students will practice every Monday evening from 6-9pm, beginning September 2nd and continuing through November. Students are expected to be on the field with instruments/equipment by 6pm. These rehearsals are mandatory.

Sectionals: Additional weekly practices may be scheduled for band sections, percussion and color guard during the fall. The schedule for sectionals will be announced by the section leaders.




Fall Season

Home Football Games: Attendance at all WHS home football games is MANDATORY as the Entertainment Unit performs at halftime. Unless otherwise announced, call time is 6pm which means all members must be on the football field in uniform with instruments/ equipment. 

Competitions: Attendance at all competitions is MANDATORY. The first competition will be the South Bay Invitational, hosted at WHS on Saturday, October. 2nd. WHEU will perform as the host school. WHEU will participate in competitions many Saturdays in October and November. Students planning to take the SAT or ACT tests in the fall should check with Mr. Banim first to ensure there is no conflict with a competition.

Winter Season

There are multiple performance groups active during the Winter season including Concert Band, Jazz Band, Winter Drumline and Winter Guard.

Concert Band: All WHEU instrumental students participate in concert band. Students will perform at one or more judged competitions. In addition, students perform at multiple concerts at West High including the Pops concert, West Area Music Festival, and Spring Concert. No additional contributions are required for concert band.

Jazz Band: This is a zero period second semester class open to all sax, brass and percussion students. Students register for this class and must be approved by Mr. Banim. No additional contributions are required for Jazz Band.

Winter Drumline: Optional, competitive program open to all WHEU students interested in performing with a percussion ensemble. The season runs from December through April. Students compete in weekend events during March and April. For more information, please contact percussion@wheupa.org.

Winter Guard: Optional, competitive program open to all WHEU color guard students. The season runs from December through April Students compete in weekend events during February, March and April. For more information please contact vpcolorguard@wheupa.org.




WHEUPA uses email, the REMIND app, and social media as forms of communication to students and family members.

Please provide your current email addresses and cell phones on the Parent/Student Information Form when registering. If your email address or cell phone number changes after you've registered, please email Santiago Santana at president@wheupa.org to provide updated info.

If you haven't already done so, be sure to get the Remind app and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Flickr.

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WHEUPA hosts several fundraisers each year, with the proceeds helping to pay for the fall and winter competition seasons. Each WHEUPA family (parents/guardians) is expected to participate by volunteering at each of the fundraising events. All WHEU students must volunteer to work at every WHEUPA fundraiser. All events are held at West High School. Please take a moment to review our Fundraising Calendar.




Scrip may be purchased monthly and the profits from your scrip purchase are credited to your student. These funds can be used for any WHEU expense including fall/winter contributions, WHEU clothing (shirts, shoes, etc), spring awards banquet, year-end DVD, WHEUPA graduation leis and WHEU trips. Scrip orders, including Scrip Now and Scrip Reload, are easy to submit through an online system. Orders are due the 1st Sunday of each month and will be ready for pick up the following Saturday. Ordering instructions can be found on our SCRIP web page. 




Funds left in your student’s account after they graduate may be transferred to a sibling currently in the Entertainment Unit or enrolled in the Fall season. If there is no sibling meeting these criteria, the funds will transfer to the general WHEUPA account.



West High Entertainment Unit has a proud history of performance at invitational events such as the Rose Parade, and Thanksgiving parades in New York and Philadelphia. WHEU travelled to New York in 2010, to Europe in 2013 and to Orlando in 2017.



WHEUPA is a non-profit organization that provides WHEU with financial and administrative support and volunteers for events, competitions, and fundraisers. WHEUPA members consist of parents or legal guardians of a student currently participating in WHEU. All members are strongly encouraged to attend the WHEUPA general meetings.

A meeting for parents or legal guardians of students new to the West High Entertainment Unit is TBD.

Please visit About WHEUPA to learn more and see a directory of current board/chair members.