The pit includes all non-drum percussion instruments such as the marimba, xylophone, bells, keyboards/synthesizer, gong and many more.



The ensemble creates a competitive show that is themed to tell a story or portray an idea or feeling. See the multimedia links tab.  To learn more about the circuit in which the percussion ensemble competes go to The ensemble also performs at occasional pep rallies.


This is a required class for all percussion players. This class provides instruction in marching band techniques, concert literature, and participation in the other concert groups. Students must be enrolled in both Marching Band and Percussion Ensemble. Tryouts for this ensemble are in May.


Eric Shriver  |  Percussion Program Advisor

Frankie Rice  |  Pit Instructor

Santiago Santana |  WHEUPA VP Percussion

Vince Banim  |  WHEU Band Director


The Winter Percussion Ensemble and Drumline plays an integral role in the overall Music Department. Percussion takes part in the marching band, indoor percussion, and concert percussion ensembles throughout the course of the full school year. It mainly consists of of marching percussion (battery) and auxiliary percussion (pit).

The battery consists of the drum section that includes snare drums, tenor and bass drums. The tenor drums can have 5-6 drums for different sounds. Bass drums come in many sizes and all integral to the sound of the ensemble.

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