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2024-2025 Fall Season Contribution

2024-2025 Fall Season Contribution

WHEU is a self-funded program with no financial support from TUSD. We rely solely on the contributions of our participating families and fundraisers.


Your fall contribution is critical to the success of the WHEU fall marching season. Your support goes directly towards coaches, instructors, large instruments, instrument repairs, music and choreography, props, truck rental, competition fees, and many other costs. 


NOTE: We also are accepting payment via Zelle. Credit card payments result in a substantial fee (~$17 per payment) going to the bank and not to WHEU. Paying with Zelle is free so that your full contribution benefits the students. Send Zelle payments to and include your student's name in the memo. You will receive a receipt via email in 1-2 days. 


We have also created a payment plan which splits the contribution into 4 equal monthly payments of $137.50 Please go here to setup a payment plan.


If you work for a company that matches charitable contributions please consider taking advantage of this amazing benefit to potentially double your contribution. The following list contains companies known to have an active matching program. If you don't see your company listed please ask your HR department if a matching program was recently added.


If you would like to pay partial contribution out of your SCRIP account, please email Shermay Wong at requesting that your balance be applied towards an upcoming expense BEFORE proceeding to checkout. You will receive a coupon code that can be applied towards your contribution during checkout. 

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