2020-21 Fall Season Contribution (Percussion and Color Guard ONLY)

2020-21 Fall Season Contribution (Percussion and Color Guard ONLY)

This contribution helps pay for:

  • large instrument purchase and repair
  • coaches and instructors
  • uniform repair, refurbishment, or replacement competition related expenses, such as: tournament fees, transportation of equipment, and props


If you have more than one student in the program and the full contribution is cost prohibitive, please email Mary Scharpf at treasurer@wheupa.org to discuss an alternate schedule. If you would like to pay partial contribution out of your SCRIP account, please contact Melinda Ou, scrip coordinator at scrip@wheupa.org requesting that your balance be applied towards an upcoming expense BEFORE proceeding to checkout. You will receive a coupon code from her that can be applied towards your contribution during checkout. 



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