This class enrolls the most proficient wind and brass players available. During the first semester, this class concentrates on marching band music and “pop” concert music. Sectionals are also run during this period. During the second semester, the wind ensemble performs class E-AA concert literature. Formal concert dress is provided. Size and instrumentation varies from year to year. Students are selected by audition and marching band music test grades in December/January. Private lessons are highly recommended and regular home practice is expected. Attendance at all rehearsals and performances are required.


In the first semester, the advanced band is for all freshmen woodwind and brass players. New members of the Entertainment Unit receive extra help on the marching band music. This class is required for all freshmen who are in marching band. During the second semester, the advanced band continues in developing musical skills in performing class C-A concert literature. Attendance at all performances and rehearsals are required. Students will need to provide proper concert attire for performance.


Jazz ensemble is open only to upper class-men by audition from marching band. Membership in another instrumental music class (Wind Ensemble or Advanced Band) at West High School is a prerequisite. Selected instrumentation will include four to five trumpets, four trombones, five saxophones, one piano, one drum set, one guitar, and one bass. Admission is by permission of the Director. Attendance at al performances and rehearsals are required.