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The West High Entertainment Unit receives minimal funding from TUSD and is otherwise FULLY FUNDED by its members and through fundraising. The annual membership contributions requested from each student (band and color guard) are critical to fund the fall and winter seasons and pay for music, the Field Show design, instructors, instrument repairs, props, truck rentals, competition fees, busses, and other costs.  We also must budget for uniform and large instrument replacements which occur at varying intervals.
Family contributions alone do NOT cover the cost of the program.  Therefore, WHEUPA hosts several fundraising events each year to close the gap between family contributions and total annual expenses.  In the recent past, these activities have generated more than half of the program income – (see below).  Because of this, it is essential that EVERY family participate in our fundraising efforts to keep the  member contributions at their current level.  Please read the “Fundraisers & Volunteering” section carefully before you register your child.  If you have any questions, please contact the WHEUPA President or any Board member.

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